What is electroosmosis?

Rising dampness in your basement floor and foundation walls over time start to breakdown the concrete’s integrity and insulation value. This dampness results in health hazardous mold and mildew.

Water will naturally rise upwards from a positive charge to a negative charge. It will always travel in that direction. The base of a wall which is at and below grade level carry water molecules with a positive charge, your basement floors and foundation walls are negatively charged.

This causes the water molecules to move upwards into your home. The speed in which this water travels upwards depends on the electromagnetic fields within its range, the width of the material, type of material and other factors. The key factor here is the water will rise up through your walls and basement floors to a greater or lesser degree.

How electroosmosis technology affects the rising damp?

The Moisture Prevention and Control device causes electromagnetic waves at the correct intensity and shape to cause a diversion of poles. In other words the device will neutralize the positive charge in the water molecules contained in your floors and walls. This in turn will cause the water in your walls to move downwards and out of your dwelling completely. It works as an active repellant constantly pushing dampness and moisture out of your walls. It also is an active prevention so water never gets in there in the first place. It’s an extremely effective horizontal and vertical hydroinsulation.

Moisture Prevention & Control Video

Watch this short video animation to learn more about the laws of nature!


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