vs Microwave Drying

The advantages of Electroosmosis and Microwave Drying Solutions!

Select from each tab below to view the differences and advantages that are offered. Don't forget that MPC is here to help and advise as to what works best in resolving your moisture problem!

Electroosmosis Solutions:

  • Dry walls within its range of operation (which in our case for a single device is 2,300 sq. ft.)
  • Protection against the return of rising damp
  • It destroys/removes mold
  • The smell disappears

Electroosmosis Device Advantages:

  • It's extremely clean and does not disturb the structure at all
  • It will heighten the insulation value of walls and lower your heating costs.
  • Drastically improves air quality and so creates a healthy building microclimate.
  • Once installed the device is entirely self-controlled.
It the only product on the market that will actively prevent ground water or floor water from rising up your walls.
Only product on the market that will reverse the dampness in your walls and push it back into the surrounding soil grade.
No more musty smell
Over time it gets rid of mold and moldy smell.
Clean installation
The device covers an area of 2,300 square feet (one device will adequately cover most residential houses). It is a clean noninvasive installation and once installed there is nothing further one needs to do. The device will be practically unnoticeable.
Cost Effective
The device will cost an estimate of 12 dollars per year in electricity costs.
Electomosmosis Device and its principle of operation is patented and has been in use in Europe for 25+ years.

Microwave Drying Advantages:

Quite, Safe and Clean
It will not disturb any existing structure, no drilling or pipes or noise for the drying process

Gets rid of unwanted harmful elements
All mold and bacteria are destroyed in the drying

There is no risk to human health with this drying process. Residents can stay in the building during drying. The walls and ceilings are protected against the impact of microwaves using a special protective material. Microwaves are also safe for water pipes, such as PVC, copper, electrical conduit, electrical outlets and other materials that are installed in the wall.

The Power of Simplicity
Microwaves dry wet and mold-covered surfaces about 10 times faster than traditional methods. Each machine weighs about 70 pounds and is noiseless in operation.

Insect Removal
The process will eliminate all woodworm, carpenter ants, larva, spiders and other vermin.

Speed and Efficiency
The microwave drying affects only the wet area while penetrating the thermally non-conductive material. Traditional methods heat the entire surface being dried, this increases the air temperature in the room as well causing a much longer drying period.

That's a Great Question!

Our team are all professionals in their respective fields. You will find us informative and pleasant to deal with. Moisture Prevention & Control is the only company of its kind in the United States. We will get rid of dampness, mold, mildew, allergens etc. Once that’s achieved, we will prevent moisture issues from reoccurring. Ideally we get to your property before any damage occurs and in such cases we will prevent any future moisture issues from developing.

How do we differ to other companies in this field?
Moisture Prevention & Control uses state of the art technology in its drying and prevention process. In fact we are the only company in this region that uses reverse osmosis and microwave drying equipment. This technology has been in use in Germany and Scandinavia for over fifteen years. It’s tried and tested and is undoubtedly the proper approach to any building structure’s moisture problems.


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We Guarantee dry walls, no mold and prevention of any future problems!