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Effective solutions for moisture damage to your home or property!

Moisture Prevention & Control pride ourselves in providing excellent service and actually handling moisture problems to a point where they will not reoccur. We don’t provide a superficial handling, something that looks good and then reoccurs after a couple of years. The equipment and technology we use in our work allow us to make that assertion with certainty.

Our team are all professionals in their respective fields. You will find us informative and pleasant to deal with. Moisture Prevention & Control is the only company of its kind in the United States. We will get rid of dampness, mold, mildew, allergens etc. Once that’s achieved, we will prevent moisture issues from reoccurring. Ideally we get to your property before any damage occurs and in such cases we will prevent any future moisture issues from developing.

Alan Brennan

How do we differ to other companies in this field?

Moisture Prevention & Control uses state of the art technology in its drying and prevention process. In fact we are the only company in this region that uses reverse osmosis and microwave drying equipment. This technology has been in use in Germany and Scandinavia for over fifteen years. It’s tried and tested and is undoubtedly the proper approach to any building structure’s moisture problems.

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